Ivenza Order Management

grip on complex ordering, delivery and service processes

Order management at small lot sizes and unique batches requires a lot of energy from an organization and its employees. With Ivenza, that process suddenly becomes a lot more manageable and predictable. Much is done in the background, based on pre-agreed rules and procedures that are laid down in Ivenza. And of course there are many options for flexible handling of incidents with customers.

Basic order management

Important building blocks for order management are the delivery of prices and delivery data to retailers and / or consumers. With Ivenza Order Management you have full insight into which orders are coming in, what the status and history of each order is that is in the pipeline.

  • Versatile price calculation for unique items
  • Compile simple or extensive PDF quotes with 2D and 3D drawings
  • Efficient customer service through remote access of customer designs

Dealer portal

If your orders are the result of the work of retailers, you want to give those retailers commercial power. Ivenza contains various add-ons within order management, allowing you retailers to communicate their added value and distinctive character to customers.

  • Campaign and Promotional Prices
  • Retailer-specific house style for order management, quotes and orders
  • Price components to be set by retailers for measuring, transport or assembly
  • API-Interface for customer-specific web shops

Effective customer support through omnichannel functionality

Single or Multi-domains

As a producer or supplier you serve multiple types of retailers and consumers. Customers are always looking for distinctive character. With multi-domains within Ivenza you can serve various customer segments with 1 system.  

  • Domain dependent prices, materials, construction options
  • Domain terms maintained with processing of every design and every order
  • Support for domain-specific languages ​​and currencies (euro and other currencies)

Transaction emails and EDI messages

Whether a customer orders online or through a retailer, that order process must be easy to follow by all parties in the chain. Certainly with customized products, clarity between customer <-> retailer <-> producer regarding the progress of an order is crucial.

  • Simple or comprehensive quotes online or in store
  • Order confirmations and delivery messages with possible domain-specific origin, content and layout
  • In-Store exchanges of EDI messages

Company and delivery calendars

In this web-shopping era, customers are familiar with fast and reliable home delivery by e-tailers. With Ivenza, mass customization producers are able to manage that same level of expectations and reliability through company calendars.

  • Deliveries to the store, to the consumer's home or by post on the date determined by the retailer or consumer
  • Delivery calendars with fixed or variable times to be entered by retailer and fixed company holidays or company closures

ERP- en WMS-adapters


From a certain company size onwards, there is a need for Ivenza and systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV to exchange data with each other. Ivenza data can be processed in an ERP system and vice versa at different levels and with different degrees of detail.

  • Batch automatic import of customer data with possible block data and limits
  • Placing Ivenza orders in ERP sales module
  • MRP calculation / Material requirement in stock units of Ivenza orders and placement in ERP purchasing module

Warehouse management

In de magazijnen en de verdere logistieke verwerking wordt vaak een WMS ingezet. Verpakking, gewicht, colli, bestemming zijn begrippen die in een WMS thuishoren. Bij enkelstuksproductie van Engineer-To-Order-bestellingen loopt de hoeveelheid data ineens flink op. Ivenza laat dit proces vlekkeloos verlopen.

  • Genereren van SSCC-labels op collo voor verwerking door externe logistieke dienstverleners
  • Verpakkingsalgoritme voor juiste massa en afmetingen van halffabrikaten of SKU in een verpakking op maat