Custom production, good in 1 go

small series, single pieces, one-off prototype, 0 series

Production is the beating heart of the company. That's where it happens. Nowadays, customers make many demands on the product, it has to be delivered quickly and has to be of high quality. That distinction is decisive for customers. 

Manless work preparation with batch size 1

Production preparation

The smaller the lot sizes, the more important the production preparation. With Ivenza, production preparation has become a simple process. By applying intelligent background processes, a 3D design can be directly converted into necessary production tasks. That happens without human intervention. When all production tasks have been carried out, the 3D design is 'translated' into a physical product that is ready to be assembled.

  • Capacity planning at standard times
  • Classification work into production orders, batches and buckets
  • Material Resource Planning (MRP) for determining material requirements for batch sizes 1


Ivenza production is a method of production in which you can work extremely flexibly in a tightly directed process. With the help of Ivenza, a route is determined by production for each component. An Ivenza Jobshop application (JSA) is active at every workstation (machine, man-machine and manual). The JSA ensures that every machine and every employee knows exactly what needs to be done with each component. What needs to be done and what has happened is logged.

  • Automatically generated CNC instructions for sawing, milling, edgebanding and packaging machines, among others
  • Tracking & tracking of orders and parts and operational statistics
  • Forced routing of manufacturing parts by the factory

Assembly and completion notification

In addition to making semi-finished products from a production order, purchasing parts are also needed to complete an order. Ivenza offers special JobShop Applications for picking materials and accessories. Employees can be accurately instructed with the help of assembly and packaging JSAs. The barcode scans make it clear whether the order is complete and that an automatic completion notification can take place to an ERP or WMS system.

  • Custom packaging for individual production orders
  • Replenishment on the production floor
  • Re-calculation of each production order

Ivenza machine interfaces and post processors

Beamsaws and storage
  • Bargstedt
  • Giben
  • Schelling
CNC Machining Centers
  • IMA
  • SCM

Tech video - Ivenza-CNC JSA