Ivenza online configurators

for fast and meaningful designs

Designs that come very, very close to reality. That is what Ivenza does with products designed in our configurators. This makes the sales process much easier and the production process considerably simpler. Not only because of an accurate representation but also because of the animated behaviour of parts such as doors and extendable drawers.

Cabinet configurator

Robust and versatile design software for cabinets and panel-based designs to create customized products quickly and error-free.


  • Extensive adjustable connection techniques
  • Sloped panels
  • Control construction and operations

Sliding door configurator

Configurator for retailers and demanding consumers who design at home or on site with the help of inspiring catalog examples.


  • Experience opening behavior in 3D
  • Fast changes in visual appearance
  • Display of continuously updated price

iSpace Configurator

Configurator to present joint Ivenza designs in a room and to consider them as 1 sales and production order.


  • Dragging Ivenza designs inside the room
  • Show the 4 views
  • Request total price of all designs

Compact Configurator

Web application that can be fully integrated into your own website with adjustable custom and color selection options for e-commerce links.


  • Adjust dimensions and colors
  • View in Augmented Reality
  • Share via Pinterest

Catalog Configurator

Web application specially developed for smartphones to present large quantities of catalog designs with possible adjustments to dimensions and textures.


  • Scroll and pick colors
  • Browse through catalogue quickly
  • User Interaction: operated with 2 thumbs

Internal door configurator

Internal doors give color and thus set the tone of a room. Consumers can experiment with the door configurator to get a beautiful door exactly fitted in the frame.


  • Different styles
  • Combination door and floor
  • Show with / without frames

Use our configurators on your own website

All configurators are suitable for online use. This is possible within the Ivenza platform itself, or it can also be integrated in your own website. The configurators contain different levels of functionality. This allows you to create commercial value by applying different levels for B2B and B2C customers.

  • Configurators on own website or external Ivenza website
  • Look-and-feel adjustable
  • Metrics enabled for Google Analytics
  • Downloadable PDF quotes
  • Integration / embedding via IFRAME
  • Interface with external Webshop via API
  • In-App change from simple configurator to extended version
  • Social Marketing via Pinterest and Facebook