Walk-in closets, sliding doors and residential furniture

Deli Home is a large supplier for the Dutch, Belgian, German and Scandinavian home improvement market for, among others, made to measure sliding doors, swing doors and closet interiors. Deli Home has several brands such as Lundia™, Raffito™ and Bruynzeel™. The company is sourced by a privaty equity fund.


Deli Home worked for a decade with a made-to-measure concept in DIY-stores. Customers used special order forms in store. Based on this form a unique sliding door and or interior closet was ordered.
For the retailers and consumers the paper forms were tedious and demotivating to work with and did not give a real 2D or 3D representation of the configured product.

Through an error prone and time consuming order process, those orders were translated into production orders. Checking orders for errors and awkward solutions, suggesting error free alternatives and re-contacting dealer and end consumers did put a heavy burden on the order processing department and did not contribute to customer satisfaction.


After a phased selection proces Deli Home decided to implement Numdata's full internet based configuration, order processing and manufacturing system for made to measure products. First the 3D configurator and it's managementtool with all the technical, commercial and process knowledge were implemented and filled.

During the same time the manufacturing process was setup in Ivenza and adapted to the new normal. Gradually retail chains got to know the sliding door configurator and were converted from filling out order forms into discussing design and functional aspects with customers using the iSlide configurator.



  • Designing 3D configurations online and fast at retailers in store or by end consumers at home
  • Time-to-market substantially reduced for new product lines and category management
  • Single point of entry for pricing, construction logic and manufacturing rules
  • More complex solutions; knowlegde in the system is used to create more value
  • Smart interfaces between Ivenza and ERP and WMS enabling operational excellence
  • Rapid deployment to new retailers or chains of retailers